XXXXX Hacendado Allioli 225ml

  • Description

Ingredients Hacendado Allioli: Vegetable oil * 76%, water, garlic 6%, egg yolk 1%, salt, sunflower oil, stabilizer: xanthan gum, colouring: beta carotene and preservative: potassium sorbate.

* Sunflower oil: AG or Soy IP.

Nutritional information, average values per 100 g:

Energy value 2881 kJ / 701 kcal.
Fat 77 g 7 g of which saturated 9.3 g.
Carbohydrates 1.5, of which sugars 0.1 g.
Dietary fiber 0.1 g.
Protein 0.4 g.
Salt 1.1 g.

Consume preferably before expiry date. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator. It is recommended to consume it within 1 month after opening.