Deliplus Regen Skin Potenciador Retinol 30ml

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For an intensive and regenerating treatment of the skin.

Deliplus Regen Skin Potenciador Retinol combines the powerful effects of a professional cosmetic treatment and a serum. Reverses the signs of aging thanks to the many activating benefits of skin regeneration.

Deliplus Regen Skin Potenciador Retinol increases collagen synthesis, unifies and improves complexion, increases skin firmness, hydration and elasticity in just one movement.

Suitable for all skin types. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients: Bakuchiol, an active ingredient of plant origin with retinol-like action, enriched with retinol itself to achieve effects in record time. These ingredients work together with the epidermal growth factor to create a synergy of action against the symptoms of aging.

How to use: Dispense 3 or 4 drops and apply to a clean and dry face every other day before applying the cream. Apply only at night. Avoid the eye contour, in case of contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water. External use.

Precautions: Use sparingly at the start of treatment and increase the frequency of use over the days. If irritation is observed, discontinue use. Do not combine with other intensive acid treatments, vitamin C, professional acne treatments, peels and the like. The use of sunscreen is recommended. Perform a tolerance test on the forearm to check skin acceptability.