Deliplus Cera Tibia en Roll-On 100ml

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Deliplus Cera Tibia en Roll-On facilitates hair removal thanks to the roll-on format that distributes the wax evenly. The wax is removed with strips and any residue can be removed with water. By removing the hair at the roots, the results will be maintained for up to 4 weeks. Contains Amaranth Flower with soothing properties.

Temporary redness of the depilated area is normal after waxing. The remains can be removed with water.

How to use Deliplus Cera Tibia en Roll-On  : Before using this product, carefully read the precautions enclosed insert in the box. (Spanish)

The skin must be clean and dry and must not contain traces of cream. Determine the direction of hair growth for each application. Once the wax is warm and has the right consistency, check the temperature on the inside of the wrist.

  1. Apply the wax using the roll-on, without pushing hard and in a single movement, in the direction of hair growth, in a thin layer. The spread of the wax layer should not exceed the length of the strip. It is recommended to alternate the side of the applicator roller that is dispensing the wax.
  2. Place a strip over the wax layer, adjust it to the size of the area and smooth it in the direction of hair growth. Leave at least 1 cm without wax on the end of the strip so that it can be grasped and pulled.
  3. Immediately stretch the skin with one hand and with the other remove the strip on one end with a quick gesture and in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is very important that the pulling is done energetically and very flush with the skin for greater effectiveness.

Heating mode: Microwave.

This pack contains: 1 roll-on with 100 ml of water soluble wax. 10 reusable cellulose strips. 1 brochure with precautions and instructions for use. (Spanish)

Precautions and Recommendations regarding Deliplus Cera Tibia en Roll-On :

  • Carefully follow the precautions and instructions for use described in the package insert in the box. (Spanish).
  • Never overheat or boil the wax. If it is very hot or very runny, let it cool, because it can cause severe burns.
  • Check the wax while it is heating up.
  • The amount of wax decreases after each use, so the warm-up time is also getting shorter.
  • Avoid getting water in the wax as this can cause splashing during heating and make it unusable.

Directions for use: Always remove by adjusting the size of the strip, with a quick gesture, energetically, close to the skin, against the direction of hair growth.

Dermatologically tested.

Warm-up times: Very important, always heat in the vial with the cap removed to prevent the vial from exploding. Place in vertical position with the applicator roller without the protective cap.

Microwave heating times: Power of 800 w - Time of 10-15 seconds. Power less than 800w - Time 15-20 seconds. Rest time: Let rest in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Heat the vial in the microwave for the specified times. These times are indicative, so they should be adjusted depending on the power of the microwave and the amount of wax left in the bottle. If desired texture is not achieved within the specified time, repeat for 5 seconds until achieved. Please read carefully the section on microwave heating described in the leaflet inside the package. (Spanish).

Deliplus Cera Tibia en Roll-On can also be heated in a water bath. It is important to place the bottle in the water when it is hot with the fire / heat source off. See instructions in the enclosed leaflet in the packaging (in Spanish).