Deliplus Crema Corporal Luxe Caviar Reafirmante 500ml Body Cream

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Experience the light and pleasant texture. This body cream from Spain is enriched with caviar and vitamin E, slows aging of the skin, improves elasticity and repairs & nourishes the skin.

Deliplus Crema Corporal Luxe Caviar Reafirmant body cream from Spain in short:

  • Contains caviar, Gotu Kola and shea butter.
  • Enriched with vitamin E.
  • Contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  • Provides hydration.
  • Accelerates regeneration.
  • Strenghtens the skin.
  • Improves elasticity.
  • Soft texture.
  • Prevents aging of the skin.

Deliplus Crema Corporal Luxe Caviar Reaffirmant body cream is suitable for many skin types.

Thanks to the soft texture this body cream is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Easy to use: Apply with gentle circular movements. The result is a soft, supple and firm skin.

Do you have any questions about this product from Spain, please contact us and we will help you immediately.


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