Hacendado Arroz Bomba 1 kilo

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Hacendado Arroz Bomba is characterized by absorbing more water during cooking. (Compared to other rice it is more resistant to cooking for too much time)

How to use: Cooking time: about 15-20 minutes.

Hacendado Arroz Bomba is recommended for the preparation of dry rice (paella, fried rice, arroz a banda, etc.).

1 kilo can be used for approximately 8 to 10 servings. It is advisable to let the rice rest for a few minutes before serving.

Storage conditions: Protect from moisture and heat. Once opened, it is recommended to keep the rice in a closed jar.

Nutritional information - Average values per 100 grams of Hacendado Arroz Bomba:

Energy value 1483 kJ / 349 kcal.
Fat 0.9 g of which saturated 0.3 g.
Carbohydrates 77 g of which sugars <0.5 g.
Proteins 7.7 g.
Salt <0.01 g.