Beauté Mediterranea Sérum Reductor Instantáneo Bolsas y Ojeras 5 unidades x 2ml

Beauté Mediterranea Cosmeceuticals
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An exclusive serum that combines mineral-based ingredients with a hexapeptide for an instant firming effect, as well as a visible and immediate reduction of dark circles and under-eye bags with an improvement in expression lines.

Beauté Mediterranea Sérum Reductor Instantáneo reduces bags under the eyes and dark circles. For a fast and good (not permanent) result.

How to use: Clean and dry the face thoroughly. Apply a drop of serum the size of a grain of rice to the fingertip and distribute over the skin at the bottom of the eye and on expression lines (crow's feet). Avoid contact with eyes. Lightly pat a few times and let it dry for 2 or 3 minutes. Wash your hands after each application. If you want to apply make-up, always do this after the product has been fully absorbed and preferably use powder or oil-based make-up. It is recommended not to use water-based make-up as Beauté Mediterranea Sérum Reductor Instantáneo becomes less effective after contact with water.