Deliplus Anti Ox Potenciador Vitamina C 20% ampollas 5 x 3ml

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For an intensive treatment with fast and visible antioxidant effects: fades spots, restores lost radiance, improves the appearance of signs of skin aging, smoothes the tone and moisturizes.

Skin type: not recommended for sensitive skin.

Active ingredients: three stable derivatives of 20% vitamin C, enriched with ferulic acid to accelerate visible results and with licorice extract, which helps to improve skin tolerance.

How to use Deliplus Anti Ox Potenciador Vitamina C 20% ampoules: Dose 3 or 4 drops and apply to a clean and dry face for the cream. Apply only at night. Avoid the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. External use.

Highly concentrated treatment: Discontinue use if irritation is observed. Do not combine with other intensive acid treatments, vitamin C, professional acne treatments, peels and similar products. The use of sunscreen is recommended during treatment.

Precautions: To maintain maximum effectiveness, the use of an ampoule is recommended within 48 hours after opening.

Deliplus Anti Ox Potenciador Vitamina C 20% ampoules have been dermatologically tested.