Deliplus Cera Fría Bandas Hombre 16 uds

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Easy and quick to use.

Deliplus Crea Fría Bandas Hombre hair removal strips / wax strips for men remove hair quickly and comfortably and are ideal for athletes and for men who are looking for extra hygiene or a hair-free image. The results last up to 4 weeks.

The strips contain argan oil and avocado with moisturizing and regenerating properties.

Very important: Follow carefully the precautions and instructions for use described included in the package (SPANISH).

Precautions: Designed for use on the back and legs, do not use on the arms, chest, head, face, eyes, nose, ears, perianal area, genital area or the nipples and their contours.

Always remove with a quick, forceful motion, close to the skin and against the direction of hair growth.