Deliplus Cera Tibia en Tarro Piel Sensible con Bandas 250ml

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Heating mode: microwave.

Microwave heating time: Power of 800 W - Time of 30-40 seconds. Power less than 800W - Time of 40-50 seconds.

Instructions: Always remove the strips by adjusting the size, with a quick gesture, energetically, flush with the skin and against the direction of hair growth. The residue can be removed with water.

Precautions and recommendations regarding Deliplus Cera Tibia en Tarro Piel Sensible con Bandas wax for sensitive skin :

  • Carefully follow the precautions and directions for use described in the package insert (in Spanish).
  • Never allow the wax to overheat or boil. If it is very hot or very runny, let it cool down as this could potentially cause serious burns.
  • Watch the laundry as it warms up.
  • The amount of wax decreases after each use, so the warm-up time is also getting shorter.
  • Prevent water from getting into the wax, as this will make it unusable.

Dermatologically tested.