Deliplus Toallitas Auto Bronz 6 uds

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For a natural and uniform tan. Do not flush down the toilet after use.

Deliplus Toallitas Auto Bronz tanning wipes provide a natural and even tan in a quick and easy way. The comfortable cloth glides smoothly over your skin and allows you to distribute the product evenly, ensuring a quick, easy and homogeneous result.

To quickly and easily get a natural and even tan, we recommend applying the self-tanning wipes to clean, exfoliated and dry skin. Slide the cloth evenly over the area of ​​skin to be tanned to ensure the same intensity in all areas.

Use with special care and moderation on the hairline and eyebrows. After use, wash your hands and wait a few minutes for the product to fully absorb before getting dressed or applying makeup. Use daily until desired complexion / tan is achieved and repeat application if tone / tan starts to fade.

Deliplus Toallitas Auto Bronz tanning wipes do not contain sunscreen, so it is recommended to apply sunscreen if you are going to expose your body to the sun, even if you have tanned skin from this product.

Avoid contact with eyes and lips. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse them with plenty of water. Do not eat / swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat. Contains sodium metabisulphite to promote self-tanning.

Dermatologically tested.