Hacendado Cereales Rellenos de Chocolate y Avellana 500 g

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Cereals filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream, enriched with 7 vitamins and iron.

Ingredients Hacendado Cereales Rellenos de Chocolate y Avellana: cereals (43%) [rice flour, wholemeal flour (gluten)], filled with chocolate cream and hazelnuts (41%) [sugar, vegetable fats (coconut, sunflower in proportions), whey powder, chocolate (2 , 2%) (sugar, cocoa paste), defatted cocoa powder, hazelnut paste (0.4%) (nuts), emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavor], sugar skimmed milk powder, fat-free cocoa powder, salt, wheat gluten, wheat bran (gluten), vitamins [ niacin, vitamin E, riboflavin, vitamin B6, thiamin, folic acid, vitamin B12}, mineral (iron), antioxidant (extract rich in tocopherols). Traces of peanuts, sulphites, sesame.

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light. Keep the bag upright.

Nutritional value, average values ​​per 100 g of Hacendado Cereales Rellenos de Chocolate y Avellana (Filled Cereals):

Energy value 1749kJ.
Energy 415 kcal.
Fat 13 g of which saturated 4.2 g, monounsaturated 3 g, polyunsaturated 5.5 g.
Carbohydrates 72 g of which sugars 39 g.
Dietary fiber 3.1 g.
Proteins 7.3 g.
Salt 1.2 g.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamin E 10 mg.
Thiamine (B1) 0.9 mg.
Riboflavin 1.2 mg.
Niacin 13 mg.
Vitamin B6 1.2 mg.
Folate (B9) 166 μg.
Vitamin B12 2.1 μg.


Iron 7.0 mg.